Receiving care with Vitable is easy

Vitable takes all the headaches out of scheduling a care appointment. Download our app for iOS or Android and experience better care.

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How it works

Book Online

Book your appointment easily online through our app or website. Same-day appointments are available.

Schedule an appointment

Confirm Appointment

Upon booking your appointment, our concierge team will get in touch to confirm your appointment details.

Get Care

Our providers will provide care to you from home. Appointments can be tracked via the user portal/mobile app.

Results In The App

Your appointment recap will be available via the Vitable Health desktop site or mobile app for iOS or Android.

Download App For iOS

Download App For Android

Scheduling an appointment via our app

Login to the Vitable app

Download the Vitable app for iOS or Android from the app store to get started. Upon logging in, you will be directed to the home screen, where you can view your upcoming appointments and schedule appointments.

Download App For iOS

Download App For Android

Chat with our concierge care team

Our dedicated concierge care team will help guide you through the appointment scheduling process to ensure you’re provided with the correct form/method of care based on your conversation.

Choose a date and time that works

Once we’ve narrowed down the appropriate appointment details, we’ll provide you with a list of available dates and times in which our providers are available to see you.

Track your appointment in real-time

Get real-time updates about your appointment from the time you schedule until the time you get your prescription.

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